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At Zebralines Interior Solutions, we understand that walls speak volumes in interior design. Serving as the foundation of architectural aesthetics, they have the power to evoke drama, revive allure, and redefine perspectives. Our team is dedicated to finding the right wallcovering for our clients from the largest collection of product portfolios available to us.

The wallpaper industry is constantly innovating and reimagining to pioneer new trends in interior artistry. From ethnic and artistic designs to cutting-edge contemporary styles, our collection embodies unparalleled freshness and diversity. With a focus on customization and digital printing, Zebralines excels in transforming wall statements and shaping interior trends. As a proud distributor of branded wallcoverings in Kerala, Zebralines is your ultimate destination for bespoke wall solutions that elevate every space.

Materials – Non-woven, Vinyl-coated, wall-fabric, fabric-backing, acoustic

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